Steps for migrating to new iPhone

Important: Do not interrupt any syncing when migrating to a new phone! Be very careful not to unplug, or take a phone call, or nuthin’.

  1. On old phone, turn Airplane Mode on, so no new text messages come in.
  2. Plug old phone into your Mac.
  3. In iTunes, right-click on old phone, and choose Backup.
  4. Let the backup finish.
  5. Unplug old phone, and plug in new one.
  1. incidentally, good idea to charge new phone all the way before use.
  • Let iTunes walk you through activation.
  • It may then suggest unplugging and replugging. Do its bidding.
    1. Ignore any stuff about MobileMe.
  • The next screen should ask you to sync. Allow it to restore from the last backup of Eleanor’s iPhone (or whatever the old phone was called; the backup date should be today, right about the time when you manually backed up the old phone).
  • This first sync will go fairly quickly, as it’s only restoring the settings of all the applications, as well as text messages, contacts, calendars, and some other stuff.
  • When the first sync is done, the phone will reboot.
  • When the phone reappears in iTunes, it will start syncing. This sync is the one that will take some time; do not interrupt. It is now going to copy over all your applications, photos, music, podcasts, movies, shows, ringtones, etc.
  • When that sync is finished, don’t unplug the phone, but you can unlock it and look through the home screens and the apps, texts, voicemails, emails, photos, and iPod content. Make sure everything is in place.
    1. If everything is not in place, you need to go through the various tabs in your iPhone’s settings in iTunes, and make sure that all the conduits are set to sync correctly, the right apps are chosen and placed on the right screens, etc.
    2. Because I’m just a little OCD about this stuff, I like to hit “Sync” one final time.
  • That’s it! Once the final sync is done, and everything looks good, you can unplug your new iPhone. Enjoy!

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    Author: jjmarcus

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