Troubleshooting an Internet connection

If your internet connection fails on your Mac, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Network > click Assist Me… button. The red “Failed” markers will tell you a lot. If something is failed, that’s the thing that needs to be fixed.

A network connection works in a series, a chain of:

Computer > Router > Modem > Internet.

So if one bit is bad, there’s the break in your chain. But here’s a little more translation of the signs:

  1. If your computer says it doesn’t have an address, then it’s your router.
  2. If your router says it doesn’t have an address, then it’s your modem.
  3. If your modem says it doesn’t have an address, then it’s your Internet.

You are responsible for the computer and router, and your Internet service provider is responsible for the modem and Internet (unless your ISP is pinche AT&T, who makes you buy a modem).

To eliminate the possibility it’s not your computer you can, if you have a laptop, you can take it to a public wi-fi spot and see if it will surf. Another test would be to try to use your home wi-fi on your phone, iPad, or even Apple TV.

If you have narrowed it down to either your modem or internet, then next try restarting your modem. It’s easy: Simply unplug its power cable, wait for the lights to go out, then wait 15 seconds, and plug power back in. Then wait about a minute (or until the light on your Apple Airport router goes green), and try to surf.

If restarting your modem doesn’t fix the internet, the next thing to do is call your internet service provider. Phone numbers in San Antonio are:

  • Time-Warner: 210-244-0500
  • Grande Communications: 210-320-4600
  • AT&T (if you haven’t switched to a better provider): 877-722-3755

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Author: jjmarcus

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