Backup Address Book & iCal, and troubleshoot syncing

Just a quick note of instructions for Leopard.
1) Backup Address Book
File > Export > Address Book Archive …
Agree to the default file name, saving it with a date

2) Backup iCal
File > Backup iCal
Agree to the default file name, saving it with a date

3) Quit all applications on the iMac.
Then open iSync in Applications.
iSync menu > Reset Sync Data

4) Let syncing happen. If it comes up with conflicts, review them, and choose the item in each conflict most likely to be accurate.


Jerked with Google Apps & Calendar today for an hour. Several
roadblocks, making it basically unusable as a collaborative tool. And
today, Google Calendar just got CalDAV. And it shows up in iCal!
And … it doesn't sync from iCal to the iPhone, over MobileMe or


I don't want 3rd-party, $$$-eating shareware conduits. I don't want
miscegenatin' web services. I just want to have one calendar that me
and a partner can edit and share.

I'm so sick of this, I can't see straight. (SSX Blur snowboarding on
the Wii might have something to do with that.)


Eliminate the annoying vibrating clock in iCal

Everytime I do an update to OS X, I have to run these commands in Terminal, because the animated alarm clock in iCal is just obnoxious. (It also pulls precious CPU cycles.)

Taken from this hint at, these are instructions for 10.4 Tiger:

cd /Applications/

sudo cp -p alarmclock-mov.BAC

sudo echo "" >

cd /Applications/

sudo cp -p alarmclock-mov.BAC

sudo echo "" >

UPDATE: I posted instructions for 10.5 here at

“If you invite them, they will come”: iCal invitations & notifications

This is a natural question, and I hope Apple makes this procedure more obvious in the next iCal:
In a calendar that you administer, click on an event.
Look to the right of the main iCal window; if you don’t see a separate information panel, like a drawer, sticking out to the right, click on the button with “i” in the circle at the bottom right of the main iCal window. There’s rarely any need ever to close this Info.
Now, in the info panel, click the grey word “None” next to the black “attendees.” Start typing the name of someone in your address book. When their name is filled in automatically, hit the key. Now, add your own address in there (just this time, for practice). Finally, at the bottom of the info panel, cilck the Send button.
Et voilĂ ! You have just emailed an invitation to someone, and you (and Apple Mail and iCal) stand awaiting their reply. Look in your email, and also in the Notifications panel of iCal (there’s a button bottom left of iCal, and “Show Notifications” is in the View menu.