Jerked with Google Apps & Calendar today for an hour. Several
roadblocks, making it basically unusable as a collaborative tool. And
today, Google Calendar just got CalDAV. And it shows up in iCal!
And … it doesn't sync from iCal to the iPhone, over MobileMe or


I don't want 3rd-party, $$$-eating shareware conduits. I don't want
miscegenatin' web services. I just want to have one calendar that me
and a partner can edit and share.

I'm so sick of this, I can't see straight. (SSX Blur snowboarding on
the Wii might have something to do with that.)


Author: jjmarcus

Apple Specialist, Mac Whisperer, Cloud Wrangler - Your Remote CTO

3 thoughts on “I BLOODY HATE SYNCING”

  1. We’ve been using Google Calendar to share a family calendar for a year or so. It has worked pretty well for us. We have to make changes through the web interface, and alarms are a bit of a sticky wicket, but overall it’s not bad.I do look forward to the day when the syncing works well enough that I can enter events anywhere and have it “just work”. (I haven’t tried Plaxo’s calendar syncing yet, but their contact syncing has gotten us to that point with our address book.)

  2. I was really excited when Plaxo added syncing between various calendars & contacts, but it stopped working for me, and then I noticed they sort of rolled back some of the conduits.My conclusion has been that, as nifty as Apple's SyncServices open plug-in-allowing architecture purports to be, it's just soooooo weak-minded and can be confused by a ladybug flying by, and then all your contacts go poof! or all your calendar events are duplicated. This happens less with the fewer different points of sync you use.

  3. Agreed, calendar and contact sharing is still in it’s infancy and it takes a lot of time for smart people to find decent solutions! In a few years this should be much easier and will probably be free. Spending less money in the meantime might be smart. I think Funambol (http://www.funambol.com) and calDAV will both be great open source solutions once they mature.

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