Winmail.dat attachments from Outlook

A client had this tip:

Remember those winmail.dat documents in my email? There is always a way to get around things…I sent the document (a photograph) to another person, and they sent it back, and I could see the photo. So is the problem is with my Mac, or with the sender?

winmail.dat iconThank you for the tip about winmail.dat attachments! I am still not certain which side is the issue. I suspect it’s really Microsoft Outlook on their side, but the person you asked to relay it back to you also has Outlook, so it worked for them.

There is also a free app to translate them:

But I wonder, what would happen if one mailed the winmail.dat file back to oneself? Also, can we see the attachments fine on your iPhone? I’ll update the post if I get further feedback from our client.

Author: jjmarcus

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