Troubleshooting email

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Apple Mail is not working on my Mac

Here’s a simple 3-step troubleshooting procedure for email:

  1. Try going to your webmail—e.g. or—in a web browser. Can you log in and get your mail there?
  2. Does email work on iPhone or iPad?
  3. Finally, can you surf other webpages on your Mac?

OK, on iCloud, I can send email there & on iPad & iPhone & can surf the web. 

Excellent! So we know, then, that your internet works, your password is correct, and your email service is not down.

We have also established that you do have a couple of options for emailing while we resolve the problem on the Mac.

Do you see an error when you try to send?

When sending I get a message the server failed, try selecting another, but that hasn’t worked either. It’s just spinning. Messages get stuck in Outbox.

That info helps a lot! Try this: move all messages out of outbox into drafts then create one new message, and try to send.

That worked.

Groovy. So now try opening each message in drafts and sending, one at a time. Let’s see if one of them gets stuck.

Can’t send: “Server failed, select different outgoing server.” When I try another it asks for password & each one I try is wrong.

Try moving that message into drafts, and send another message to a different recipient.

If that works, we can guess that there’s something wrong with a specific address in your To: or CC: fields.

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