Links to the free iPhone/iPad apps I download for everyone

Google Mobile App – Now with Google Goggles!
AppBox Lite – Gotta have a level app, perfect for hanging pictures
LED Light for iPhone 4 Free – Best pocket flashlight I’ve ever owned
Amazon Mobile – Try the Amazon Remembers feature.
Dragon Dictation – It’s so great to have voice dictation on every iPhone 4S now, but owners of older phones will be glad to have Dragon.
Flipboard (iPad only) – Fantastic display of news articles as well as your Facebook and Twitter feeds
Google Translate – Translate via text… and voice dictation.
Google Shopper – one-touch product scanning is pretty cool.
Apple Remote – To control iTunes and your Apple TV
SoundHound and Shazam – These magical apps recognize songs just by listening to them, and their new feature is to display the lyrics as the song progresses, karaoke-style. Fantastic!


A couple that more people might wanna get into:
Simplenote… hey, where did Simplenote go? Oh, here it is, revved up just a touch with tags and stuff.

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Note: I put Siri Assistant on this list back in 2009 – So good, Apple bought ’em and the rest is iOS history.

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