Picking an internet service provider in San Antonio

For the record, my order of preference for ISPs in South Texas is:

1) Time-Warner – very fast, decent customer service, not AT&T

2) Grande Communications – often very fast, offer Fiber-to-the-Home in some places, good pricing, sometimes excellent (but sometimes bozo) customer service, and at least they’re not AT&T

a distant last) AT&T …
… Let me tell you, these jokers are probably the worst company we have to deal with. If they have even the smallest opportunity to screw something up, they will. I’m serious:

Call to change your billing address, they cancel your internet service. We ask them to install internet, and they put it dangling smack dab in the middle of the office and charge our client a mysterious $300 for moronic work, and then we have to come back and arrange things logically and have to charge for another couple of hours. We ask AT&T to troubleshoot a modem, and they log onto my client’s #$^%@! server, and change the IP address — a huge no-no — which shuts down file access, and forces me to make a bloody emergency call to set right.

Plus their internet is like 1/3 the speed of everybody else’s. At one of my clients’ office, it feels like a dial-up connection, and they say they can’t make it faster.

For the love of all that’s good and right in the world, do yourselves, your employees and loved ones, and your IT contractor a favor, and don’t make us use AT&T’s crappy internet.

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Author: jjmarcus

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2 thoughts on “Picking an internet service provider in San Antonio”

  1. I hear that! I got screwed by AT&T DSL at my office 11 years ago – don’t get me started on that one. I’ve had Time Warner at home for 10 years and although the service has been trouble free, it’s not crazy fast in my area and it’s kinda expensive. When reviewing my iPhone/AT&T account I decided to give AT&T DSL a whirl. As it turns out it more than twice as fast than Time Warner in my area and half the cost. I hate AT&T and their unethical business practices, but I have to say, their service and price is great in my area (Southtown) now and Grande isn’t available.

  2. Yeah, that’s why I unfortunately had to include them as an option — because sometimes you don’t have another. Weird that roadrunner was slow for you all the time; usually cable only slows down at peak hours. I myself don’t experience that: my time-warner service is pricier, but I just clocked it at 27 Mbaud down and 2 Mbaud up. I justify the cost because we use Internet in place of cable TV. I can get whole movies in HD fast fast fast. But of course I’d be even happier with that gigabit Internet Verizon just rolled out to 1 lucky business!

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