Netflix on iPad! Wheeeeee!

Pardon the long URL below, but streaming netflix is so freakin huge. And Apple has posted a list of HTML5-compliant sites: . Sorry, Flash, but you’re no dealbreaker.

We just left Best Buy. It’s as good as I need it to be for now.

iTunes link to netflix app:…

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Author: jjmarcus

Mac Whisperer, Cloud Integrator, Gadget Wrangler, Content Beautifier

2 thoughts on “Netflix on iPad! Wheeeeee!”

  1. I have a lot less care or need for Hulu since the bastards at Comedy Central yanked Stewart/Colbert. But I figure anyone who wants to keep ad revenue growing is gonna adopt HTML5, at least as an option.
    Side note: I wonder what browser share is among Hulu watchers, and whether the non-HTML5 compliant IE 6 & 7 weigh in as much in the IPTV space?

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