Up close and personal with the iPad

Photo by Karl Mondon / Bay Area News Group

Link to slideshow at the Contra Costa Times

My pal Karl, a Bay Area photojournalist, took this about 10 minutes into Steve Jobs presentation yesterday. We texted afterwards:

Karl: So…what’s the verdict? I tried to rub one on my thigh to see if I’d hear violins, but it was too loud in there, and security was starting to eye me.

Me: Heehee! I’m sure there’ll be an app for that. Jobs knows, the porn industry is thrilled by this thing. Well, I’m psyched, of course. Wish it had a camera, and I wanna hear if heavy reading brings eye fatigue, but, shoot, it’s clearly a game-changer.

Karl: Sweet. Hope it’s a bonanza for the J2 MacWhisperer.

Me: Thing is, these devices are so bloody easy, people just do what they want with ’em, and they just work. Once we set someone’s iPhone up, we get very few calls afterwards asking us how to use it. It’s ridiculous. That’s why they design them without the fancy stuff. You want a tablet with two cameras, front and back? (c.f: Jason Calacanis’ predictions at http://twitter.com/jason/.) Somebody’ll make one, probably with Android, and it’ll be good. It may not be as baby-butt smooth as the iPad, and it will owe an elephantine debt of gratitude to Apple’s Platonic ideal of “tablet,” but it will do things the iPad won’t. So goeth evolution, which I guess means they won’t get to use iPads in Kansas.
Other friends wrote in:

Not a problem if they would just make Bluetooth tethering actually do something. GD AT&T. I’m glad it doesn’t have 3G. Love the Kindle Whispernet!

>Jobs certainly did not deign to mention that one can run Amazon’s Kindle app for iPhone on this thing, adding tons of purchasable material to whatever deals Apple has made with publishers.

Very happy with iWork and Camera Connection Kit. Those were deal breakers for me. I’m gonna be looking real hard at some of these replacing laptops for some of my folks. Put a server-managed iMac on their desk and one of these ZERO support beauties in their hands and I’m a happy IT guy.

There’s little question to me that the iPad and its ilk will be replacing laptops and desktops for many people. So many of our clients don’t do anything beyond email, web surfing, and document processing with their computers, and while they love their Macs, the Mac OS is clearly too much and too confusing for many folks, who wish their computer would “just work.”

I’m very pleased, not just because it was one of my predictions, that they highlighted the creative possibilities the iPad presents. It’s a great canvas, and I am going to be happily doing presentations and proposals and spreadsheets on it. Yet I still don’t have a sense of how you save files on it, or whether you can open, say, a Word doc attachment from an email into the Pages app. Google Docs support, pleeeeeeeeeeease?
Also, I was very amused and beaming that, last night, my 9-year-old daughter said, “It would be cool if it could be a keyboard and a painting pad for your computer.” Woah, I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m already using Touchpad Elite [iTunes link] to control my Macs over VNC. The iPad might very well take the place of a Wacom tablet, sans the pressure sensitivity.

Prices seem great without 3G, pricey with. I’m sure most of that addition $130 has nothing to do with hardware. Probably $4 hardware, $126 profit for Apple, AT&T, etc.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s really a jerky gouge, especially considering how much he was touting their pricing. And I’m gonna have to buy the 3G version; I probably won’t pay for the service every month, but I it could be handy, and I think it will be more attractive in resale.

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