J2 News: Invitation on iPhone Friday

If you didn’t catch footage of an Apple Store on June 29, 2007, that was the sound of a greet-&-cheer line of Apple employees whenever a customer left the store with a new iPhone. It was a geeky good time. One so rarely gets applauded for being a gearhead.
This Friday will see the release of the next generation of iPhones, featuring faster internet (a.k.a. 3G), GPS navigation, and hopefully better reception and longer battery life. All iPhones, new and old, will also get the iPhone App Store, with hundreds of ultra-mega-cool applications that will be available and downloadable straight to your iPhone or iPod touch.
The stores at La Cantera and North Star Mall will open at 8am. History and logic say that you won’t need to stand in line. There should be plenty of stock. But plan on it taking a while, as you will have to activate your new iPhone at the store. (AT&T stores will have stock also, but they’re not nearly as much fun, and the staff rarely as knowledgeable.)
I think it’s gonna be a fun day. Lots to discover. Lots to play with — have you seen these awesome games coming out? Or this one?
I’ve been getting calls to help folks get up to speed on their new iPhones, transfer data, update software, activate Mobile Me (which we hope comes out by Friday), and download apps, soooo….

Here’s my idea:

Everyone is invited down to the marvelous Luca Ristorante [map] on Friday, starting at 11, and we’ll have ourselves an iPhone-syncin’, 3G-surfin’, GPS-navigatin’, me.com-navel-starin’, new-fashion’ hoedown! 

$15 gets you into the session, and until 4pm, you can ask me about anything related to iPhone or Mobile Me. And if you want to discuss something else, I bet we’ll be able to accommodate.

Please RSVP to this email address. Bring a laptop if you can — there will be wifi — or be prepared to look over someone’s shoulder. 

And pass it on; the more the merrier!

Apple has posted a guide to replacing an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G, and I do encourage everyone to scope it. Most important: 1) Sync your existing iPhone before plugging in your new one! 2) Run Software Update to grab the latest iTunes.
Read the “What to bring” section of this page.
If you’re running Leopard, I would recommend updating it to the latest 10.5.4.
If you don’t have a hard drive backup of your computer, now is a good time to snag one at the Apple Store.
I’m also hoping this news — “AT&T says original iPhones can be deactivated and used as WiFi iPods” — is true about what we can do with our old iPhones.
Q: Should I buy a new iPhone?


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