Gruber on new AT&T data plan

Apropos of the iPad vs. Mifi discussion I’m having with a lot of people. Tethering on the iPhone or iPad could solve a lot of headache, including one’s landline Internet being down. We’re gonna pay for it, but it should be worth it. I’m quite hoping tethering is not a contractual subscription. Month-to-month I can swallow.

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Current results

Holy Mickey’s Wide Mouth, Batman! I’ve been paying Time-Warner for 12Mbps cable internet, but I just ran metrics a few times at, and here’s what I got:

28,788 kb/s down – 762 kb/s up
17,142 kb/s down – 668 kb/s up
27.723 kb/s down – 659 kb/s up

Those download speeds are ridiculous!