Bookmarklets for your fun and convenience

I’ve come late to the game of public — or “social” — bookmarking using Delicious, but it’s so freaking useful. Instead of adding a bookmark to Safari or Firefox, I post it to Delicious, where I can tag it with multiple categories, and share it. A friend and I are planning a trip, so as I collect relevant pages, I can save them on Delicious, tag ’em with “triptowherever”, and then me and my pal can always go to to see what each other has found.
Now, if I’m surfing in Firefox, I can use the great Delicious plug-in. Safari, however, isn’t as easily extensible as Firefox, and regardless of the browser, one can get some nifty functionality using bookmarklets: little bits of JavaScript that can take information from your current browser page and perform some quick action with it. Adding a bookmark to Delicious is an excellent example.

(I should mention that I do use some fantastic Safari extensions such as SafariStand and Inquisitor; find a full list at PimpMySafari. But I digress…)

In this post, I’m going to forego writing instructions for creating bookmarklets, but I will list the ones I have found useful so far. PimpMySafari has a long list of these, too.

Here are mine (the links contain the code):

I put them all in a folder in my Bookmarks Bar, for quick access.