is auto-capitalization a worthy feature?

Wrote this to some friends and family a while ago:

I realize this is out of left field, but call it a sanity check with people I know to be actively concerned with proper capitalization and writing well in general. I am curious whether this makes any sense to you:

I have always been really annoyed by the auto-capitalization on iPhone. And especially since dictation and now the slide-to-type keyboard in iOS 13, it feels like a lot of apps are increasingly arbitrary about what they capitalize. That makes me have to go back and fix things, which seems counter to the whole idea of automating something.

So…I turned off auto-capitalization in Settings > General > Keyboard. I already feel more relaxed. I can still double-tap the spacebar to get a “.” period. But any failure to capitalize is entirely my own, so less frustrating.

that’s my first question: if you are even interested in the experiment, does it have the same appeal for you?

second question is, how much does it bother you to see everything lowercased, as in these last paragraphs?

thank you for reading. I didn’t think this was going to be such a long explanation, but I realized I started writing a blog post. I still want to bounce it off y’all first though.

Author: jjmarcus

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