Download videos from the Internet

How can I download and save videos from the Internet? Specifically from YouTube, rumble, etc.

Short answer: Click the big green “Get 4K Video Downloader ⬇” button on this page:

Free for 30 days, one-time $15 after that.

Alternatives: There are so many of these apps that it took a bit to find one I could trust and that wouldn’t have a bunch of ads and junk. Also, I got led down a couple nerdy paths, the only fruit of which was a little self-education.

And even as I’m typing this, I just thought “oh what about this” which finally led me to a good free GUI: ViDL ( And I found some trustworthy reviews of it.

Obviously Google doesn’t want us to do this, so the tools are…not clandestine, but let’s say, a bit grass-roots.

And finally, I can’t help pointing to my own usual solution, youtube-dl, which is all done in the Mac’s command-line. Here’s a short explanation by beloved Apple podcaster Casey Liss:

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