Got a new Apple TV

We bought the new Apple TV for the conference room. Is there anything special that I need to do besides plugging it in to to make sure that everyone is able to connect to it via AirPlay?

Should be pretty straightforward. Just name it something simpler, logical, and/or fun, and join it to your wifi. From there it should work straightaway.

There are some settings to consider for security, branding, and office environment in Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit, including new ones in the new aTV. You might especially look at Conference Room Display. I don’t think you necessarily want to require a PIN code every time someone wants to connect, unless that has ever been an issue, but you might wanna make sure that it is in fact off.

If you use AirPlay heavily in a business environment, and you have a more versatile router, you can give the Apple TV higher priority on the network to reduce hiccups.

Author: jjmarcus

Mac Whisperer, Cloud Integrator, Gadget Wrangler, Content Beautifier

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