Who I am, what I do, and why I do it

Who I am

In 1984, my dad and I took the very first Mac model for a weekend test drive. I’ve been hooked on excellent, beautifully designed technology ever since.

All through other paths — as an English major, graphic design and production, writing, and publishing — I really always excelled at helping people understand how to use technology. I’m patient, I’m a communicator, and I like to see people delighted by gadgets. Coincidentally, I realized my calling right about the time broadband made the internet fun, and Mac OS X came into its own.

So in 2003, I left my job at the San Antonio Current to start J2 Consulting, now jjmarcus.

Since then, I started one of the few server-rated, Apple-certified Mac consulting firms in San Antonio and South Texas. In 2014, I got married and moved my family and business to Dallas. I have been incredibly grateful that my whole San Antonio clientele agreed to come with me, and lucky that the tools are now available to help me support them from afar.

I focus exclusively on Apple devices and networks. From small businesses to consumers, nonprofits to public companies, I have been thrilled to help hundreds of people improve their lives through technology.

That was then

I started my own business in 2003 to help people with their Macs. Back then, IT work was still a little complicated. Not every question had a simple answer.

I worked, happily and proudly, in the traditional reactive mode of IT for 10 years, performing hourly service as needed. I have helped hundreds of people work easier and play more.

This is now

Five years later, tech cut loose. People learned to get and use powerful applications on portable devices. We started calling them “apps,” which sounds a lot friendlier than “applications.” Even “smart phone” is better than “computer.” And when the phone doesn’t work, well, just turn it off and turn it on again.

Now we take our gadgets, and their internet connections, for granted. We get informed and entertained, wherever we are, whenever we want.

And we want it to All. Just. Work.

I usually does, and when it doesn’t, it’s so much faster to fix than it used to be. That’s where my managed support comes in. For the first time ever, I can know the health of all the computers under my administration, and take comfort knowing that they are automatically maintaining themselves. So if something goes awry, I can resolve it even before it causes downtime, and all the basic troubleshooting has already been done for me.

So I think the old model of IT is outdated. It’s not about break/fix. It’s about automation and proactive management. And making people happy with their Macs has never been easier.

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