New Google privacy policy won’t affect Apps for business, government

On Jan 26, 2012, bill wrote:

Twice I have had job interviews were I was presented with a document that states, “You will be fined and fired if we find out you are using Google for any services for data or email.” This is a very big deal for clients that do not not want their data mined and sold (investor-types and media folks, for example).!/business/news/2012/01/new-google-privacy-policy-wont-affect-apps-for-business-government.ars

As you might guess, I’m not bothered by this, and I suspect that Google will do a bunch of clarifying like this article talks about, and maybe even plain ol’ backpedaling, before Mar 1. Regardless, I think those contracts are ridiculous. But I’m glad the nonprofs and the FTC are around to watch this stuff before it explodes. 

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