How to dispose of old technology

How do I properly dispose of an old CPU? It has no useful info on it. I just don’t want to throw it in the trash.

You can get rid of that machine a number of ways, including:

  • Best Buy will take recyclable technology, requiring neither a fee nor an appointment.
  • You can give stuff away at craigslist or Freecycle.
  • You can take any non-trashable material or items — from batteries to paint to televisions — to the hazardous materials disposal depot over at Culebra and 410 (dial 311 in San Antonio for details).

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Author: jjmarcus

Apple Specialist, Mac Whisperer, Cloud Wrangler - Your Remote CTO

4 thoughts on “How to dispose of old technology”

  1. Goodwill takes computers working or not and they have lots of donation locations around the city.

  2. On a tower computer, definitely, but on most Macs that’s a difficult if not impossible task. (We won’t do it.) But you make a salient point: A proper “secure erase” in Disk Utility is crucial.

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