Quick fix: If you can’t see server files

If you can’t see server files or log into a workstation with a network account, here’s a troubleshooting decision tree:

Can you browse the web on the server?

If no, check all network connections in the back of the server, make sure other computers are on the Internet, and possibly reboot the router.

If yes…

Can you see your main data drive(s) on the server desktop?

If no, call a pro.

If yes…

Try this:

  1. Open Server Admin in the Dock.
  2. Under the server’s name in the left sidebar, click on AFP.
  3. Down below, click Stop Service.
  4. Then count to 10, and click Start Service.

Once you’ve restarted AFP (it means “apple file protocol”; you are just toggling file sharing), try logging into a workstation.

If no dice, call a pro.

If you have to do this more than twice a year, and everything else is working — you don’t have regular power outages, for example — it would be good to get your server checked out. 

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Author: jjmarcus

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