Backing Up Data on a Remote ‘Cloud’ Computer –…

A decent write-up of the Internet-based backups currently on the market. I have worked with Carbonite, Mozy, & JungleDisk. San Antonio company Rackspace has purchased the last, and partially rebranded it Cloud Drive; the Times article does not mention that Jungle Disk will also let you backup to the Rackspace Cloud, at somewhat lower rates. The software is still called Jungle Disk, which confuses folks who already have a hard time grasping where there digital stuff is going.

I have finally landed on CrashPlan as my best recommendation. They offer a great family plan that lets you backup anywhere from 2 to 10 computers in your household to the cloud for as little as $6/month (if you pre-pay 2 years’ worth), and for free you can backup one of your computers to another configured with CrashPlan, even across the Internet. Their software is the most transparent and most versatile, without being too complex, and it makes file retrieval fairly straightforward.

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