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Would y’all all please sign up for Verizon? Cos I’m stuck with bloody AT&T bastards for another year-and-a-hellish-half, and I’m hoping-beyond-hope that a mass exodus will improve my reception. It’s a safe bet that iPhone 5 will make me slaver and snort and I won’t be able to wait another year for my contract to expire.

BTW, everyone should know that you can’t surf and talk simultaneously on Verizon (or on any CDMA network), which is a dealbreaker for me:

“Hey, did you read my email?”
“No. Let’s hang up so I can read it and call you back.” 

Feh. It’s interesting that it took the iPhone announcement to highlight that significant distinction between AT&T/T-Mobile vs. Verizon/Sprint. We are given to understand that this will not be a limitation of Verizon’s faster LTE network, but there’s no LTE iPhone yet, and the coverage map (yes, a Flash site) is still small.

Good ole phone companies. Note to selves: Let’s not have a business model based on hating one’s own customers.

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