BBOD, the feared “beach ball of death”

> I am having BBOD “beach ball of death” issues.
I’m going to phrase generally, for the sake of a blog post:

Please check Activity Monitor (in /Applications/Utilities/). Look in the System Memory tab first (low memory is the usual cause of beach ball). If the green slice of free memory is small, reboot.

Then look at CPU. If you have more green or red or blue than black, reboot. Finally, storage: again, if hard drive available space is small (below 10% of capacity), then we need to clear some space, possibly downloading Disk Inventory X from

If, after check CPU & RAM, you’re still seeing the BBOD, we have several possibilities:

1) We could reinstall Leopard, but the G5 in question just recently got that upgrade, so I think it unlikely that that would fix it.
2) We can cast a baleful eye on your hardware, particularly your hard drive. It’s fairly likely that, on this older machine, the system disk is bad, and that makes for a lot of real bad BBOD. Changing a drive out is easy and cheap on a Power Mac or Mac Pro, and might be a worthy idea anyway. Here’s a link:

3) I’m gonna say to any G5 user that it’s time to upgrade. This may not be in the budget at the moment, but it should definitely be a priority. Snow Leopard is an important update for productivity, stability, and future compatibility. Call me to discuss!

P.S. It is worth noting that, whenever I pick up my laptops ā€” on which I’m always running 10 apps and 17 web pages, along with countless other 3rd-party utilities ā€” I’m almost guaranteed to encounter the BBOD. And both laptops are current-generation units with 4GB RAM and plenty of disk space. But my iPad… Always smooth, cos I can only keep one thing open on it at any given time. And it keeps me focused on the task at hand. I know the tablet doesn’t work in a production environment, but I find the change in paradigm interesting.

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