iPhone 4 antenna hasn’t bugged ne

It’s actually totally fine. Every phone has an antenna weakness somewhere. In the iPhone 4’s case, it’s a little more easy to trigger, but it hasn’t affected my experience at all (and I’m left-handed, and haven’t been concentrating on holding it a certain way). Also, while Apple’s response — “buy a case” — came out pretty douche-y, but as an independent, I can second that suggestion as something you need anyway. FWIW, the 4’s reception on GSM, 3G, and GPS has been markedly better than my previous units (and I’ve had ’em all). On Jul 12, 2010, Steve wrote:

> Ouch! Perhaps a chink in the armor….
> > From The New York Times:
> > Consumer Reports Says iPhone 4 Has Design Flaw
> > Consumer Reports said signal problems with the iPhone 4 were a result of a flaw in the phone’s antenna design, and that it could not recommend purchasing the phone. > > http://nyti.ms/d7xZrx

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