FYI for your customers re: iOS 4 on a 3G

On Jul 4, 2010, Scott wrote:

iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G sucks! It’s ruined our phones. Several times a day we can’t even answer the phone when calls come in. There are incredible intermittent lags everywhere that can sometimes last as much as 45 seconds. All of this after a restore and hard reset. 

I saw this yesterday:

and those suggestions helped! I don’t use a browser much at all anymore and had 8 pages open in it that I forgot about. Nonetheless it’s hard to convey how frustrating iOS 4 is on the 3G. Battery life is suddenly horrible. They shouldn’t have released it for the 3G, IMO. I’d strongly recommend that your clients with 3G phones stick with the 3.1.x OS!
Yeah, I totally agree it shouldn’t have even showed up as an option for the 3G. It slowed another friend’s old phone down a lot, and I gotta tell you, I’ve long thought the iPhone 2G and 3G were unbearably slow ANYway. I am just cynical enough to think this was an apple ploy to get people to upgrade. 

So I’m real glad you’re getting the 4. You’re gonna love it!!

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Author: jjmarcus

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2 thoughts on “FYI for your customers re: iOS 4 on a 3G”

  1. I wonder if Pandora uses safari for anything on the iphone. Ever since the upgrade I can get about 10 mins play and then it starts skipping and the iphone basically locks up.

  2. Make sure you run updates to all your applications! Also, try deleting and re-installing Pandora on the phone. (I don’t think MobileSafari would have anything directly to do with the Pandora app.
    Confirm for us: you’re talking about iOS 4 on a 3G?

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