Real transcription software for Mac @emwolff

I thought MacSpeech Dictate did this, but apparently it was worth releasing a separate app. Word up!

Say “Hello” to MacSpeech Scribe

Say Hello to MacSpeech Scribe

There’s a new member in the MacSpeech product family, and its name is

MacSpeech Scribe. If you record spoken-word audio files full of notes, concepts, outlines, and other ideas, now with the click of a button you can produce a transcript of those audio files. It’s like having a personal transcriptionist right on your Mac.

Just open a spoken-word audio file with MacSpeech Scribe, click the “Transcribe” button, and watch as a transcript appears before your eyes. What’s more, as long as your audio file contains spoken punctuation, it’ll appear in your transcript too. MacSpeech Scribe supports up to six different voices through individual speech profiles, and it recognizes 13 English language dialects.

Like MacSpeech Dictate, MacSpeech Scribe requires only minutes to train and boasts an accuracy rate of up to 99%. It also lets you easily add new words and acronyms, edit and navigate transcribed documents, and more. MacSpeech Scribe supports a wide variety of high-quality audio file formats, including .wav, .aif, .aiff, .m4v, .mp4, and .m4a.

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