Remote control apps for iPhone/touch

I was planning on installing Touchpad on a client's iPhone this morning. They have a Mac mini media center, and with these apps they can start the music from anywhere in the house.  Glad I saw this rundown. 

I'm still waiting for a cheap solution to control a stereo over wifi. My A/V friend Tom is keeping an eye out, too. It's ridiculous that people have to pay $500 for a "universal" remote — the Logitech Harmony — that doesn't totally suck.     

"iPhone and iPod touch remote controls
Posted on Wednesday Oct 28, 2009 3:15 AM
by Christopher Breen ,

Getting up from your couch to “change the channel” on your Mac-based media center is so 1970s. If you’re going to the trouble to mutate a Mac into something that delivers music and video via your AV gear—or even enjoy a movie on a 27-inch iMac across the room—you’ll also want to replicate the experience of watching real TV as much as possible. That means having a remote control that lets you manage the works without a lot of fuss and bother."

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