Definition: share point

From the built-in Mac dictionary:

share point [noun] 1. A folder, hard disk (or hard disk partition), or optical disc that’s accessible over the network. A share point is the point of access at the top level of a group of shared items. Share points can be shared using AFP, SMB, NFS (an export), or FTP.

(Ach, more definitions! Those last things are:
Apple File Protocol, for sharing files between Macs;
Server Messaging Block, which equals Windows file sharing for Mac & Linux;
Network File Sharing, which is a Linux file sharing standard; and
File Transfer Protocol, for sending files across the internet.)
This is one of those tech words we use every day, and that I can’t find a great, more English-y synonym for. Maybe if I just list them all…
share point = network folder, network shared folder, server folder, server volume, network volume, network mount point

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