A nice-looking email signature, without attachments

Check out this email signature. I like the link to the vCard in particular. Wish we could do something similar in Apple Mail.

You can! Just create a web page (you can use Pages or iWeb) that only has just that little box, and save it locally (to your hard disk). Then open it in Safari and copy/paste the box into a signature. Alternately, perhaps with more complex HTML, you can use it as a template by keeping it stored locally, opening it in Safari, and going to File > Mail Contents of This Page.

Or, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, you can just edit the one you sent me, as I have done below. You can see that the link to my vCard goes to my iDisk public folder. I had to trick it, as Apple has come up with a new URL for your iDisk, e.g. http://public.me.com/membername, that doesn’t seem to feature any obvious linkability.

This is a good time to say that I discourage people from putting their logos in their email sig, as it looks like every email they send has an attachment in it, and I sometimes search for or sort by emails that have attachments.

Jonathan J Marcus

Chief Mac Evangelist

 (210) 787-2709 
(210) 367-3420

J2 Consulting
PO Box 90406
San Antonio, TX 78209

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Author: jjmarcus

Apple Specialist, Mac Whisperer, Cloud Wrangler - Your Remote CTO

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