VMware Fusion 3 supercharged for Snow Leopard

I’ve been working with VirtualBox for a month or so now, and while I’m generally impressed, I’ve had some annoying experiences (Windows 7 crashes) with it. Also, its requirement of command-line admin means that I can’t recommend VirtualBox for clients. So, with Fusion as my preferred virtualization platform, I’m really glad to see them announce Windows 7 support on the shelves not too long after the OS is released.

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Author: jjmarcus

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2 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 3 supercharged for Snow Leopard”

  1. It’s really amazing that CrossOver has evolved into such a robust product. I finally moved to the slightly-less-crappy Windows version of QuickBooks, so maybe I’ll switch to using it in CrossOver, instead of dealing with XP.

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