Transfer an iPhoto book project to another Mac

My son is working on an iPhoto book of his trip to Belgium in May. It’s a great project for him, laying out text and pictures. He’s working on my iMac with my iPhoto Library. If he doesn’t finish before we go on vacation this week, is there any way to transfer the project to my MacBook?

To move a book project, you gotta transfer the entire iPhoto library to your MacBook, which just means that there has to be enough room. You can tell iPhoto to switch libraries by holding down the option key when you first start iPhoto (i.e. it has to not be running first). You’ll see a window like this:


If one ever needed to get fancier, one can download the $20 iPhoto Libary Manager.

This Apple thread has some more discussion.

At that point, I would consider the libary on your iMac to be off-limits until you get back home. That way, if you also choose to do any work in iPhoto once you’ve got it on your laptop, you can copy everything back to the iMac. Please make a discrete backup of the original library to your external hard drive, perhaps calling it “iPhoto Library old.” I realize Time Machine stores versions of your library, but it will start to delete older versions after a while, and I would prefer that you didn’t take the chance.

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One thought on “Transfer an iPhoto book project to another Mac”

  1. I created an 100 page ibook on my friends 2008 mac book pro laptop, and now want to transfer it onto my external harddrive (lacie) and then onto my new 2010 mac book pro laptop.My friend tried to move her who iphoto library onto the external hard drive and called to say it didn’t work. Can to talk me through the process in more depth than what is written from the above commentary-I would greatly appreciate it.

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