Should I apply the 10.5.7 combo update?

Just a brief note to all who are wondering if they should let Software Update install the latest Leopard update:
In general regard to software updates, I always find it easier to tell people, unless they are in a production environment where app failure might cost $$, to go ahead and download and install whatever updates come down the pike…

BUT! I keep one exception to that policy, and those are the big OS updates, i.e. going from 10.5 to 10.5.1 or 10.5.6 to 10.5.7.

When I am going to install a major update like that, I always go to and download the “combo update” for that version. So today, for example, I did a Google search for “10.5.7 combo,” came up with this link. I went there, clicked “Download,” and let the big honkin’ 729MB file start its transfer.

Combo updates reinstall all of the updated files from, in this case, 10.5.1 through 10.5.7. This gives you a nice refresh of your OS — like an exfoliation — and can prevent a lot of the issues that some people report with updates.

(You will run a complete backup of your hard drive before you install any updates, now, won’t you?)

If you do want to know what problems people are having with a software update, and whether they might affect you, check out One can scan them on the off chance that one of them might have an impact on one’s computing life.

Author: jjmarcus

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