Best iPhone trick: close-up photos

Was talking to my girl a couple weeks ago about how cool it would be for the iPhone to be able to scan bar codes. Out of the box, it can’t because the camera lens is fixed-focus to about 3ft. The next day, my very clever lady found this on the interwebs:

Griffin Technology: Clarifi

Griffin lists it for $35, but I found it on Amazon for $20. Works so well with the free Snappr for shopping (try their mobile site!) and Evernote for everything else; one of Evernote’s nifty features is to be able to recognize text in an image, so the Clarifi is great for business cards, or any copy you want to remember without typing.

By the way, it’s a fine hard case, too.

For the snark record, the Clarifi was released mid-October, but it wasn’t til about two weeks after I ordered mine that I started reading about it everywhere. Man, Griffin, way to fill a really big need!

Author: jjmarcus

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4 thoughts on “Best iPhone trick: close-up photos”

  1. Glad you like and the Clarifi Case!
    If you want to surf to the mobile site of (for product search etc) you can just go to – from there it will take you to the correct path and display for your device.

  2. Fixed the link, thanks. If you’re still on the line, can I request that Snappr for iPhone be able to store an image without forcing a retake? Or, how necessary is “move and scale”?

  3. Hi again,We get a lot of requests right and ideas right now on what features we could add to the next version of the application. We are sorting out the details!
    Without wanting to go into a support-discussion here; The programming interface of the iPhone always gives you a second ‘control-screen’ after you took a picture with the camera. So the ‘move and scale’ is nothing we programmed, but a standard screen from apple. The other option is to have a static screen without the move/scale. We think you should be able to move the image around to see if you got a good shot of whatever you wanted to scan. However, we can’t get rid of the screen as of yet. Perhaps the camera access works different (better) in future releases of the iPhone firmware.
    If you want to share your experience or ask more questions about the app, head over to for our support platform. This way everybody can benefit if they might have the same questions.
    Let us know what you think!

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