Things I download on everyone’s Mac

These are direct as I can make ’em. Click on the links, and in most cases, the software will start downloading.
  1. Firefox 7
  2. Google Earth and Google Chrome
  3. Flip4Mac and Silverlight (To play Windows Media files — this is just the latest version, but I’ll try to keep it updated. The company’s download site is here.)
  4. Perian (To play everything else. Same note as for Flip4Mac; download site here.)
  5. OpenOffice (direct link to download) – I want to encourage everyone to start thinking about editing docs online, but if you need an Office suite, this is as good as Microsoft’s.
  6. SMARTreporter – get notified if one of your hard drives is going to fail. Of course, even if it does, you’re fine, because you’re backing up every day, right? (Note: I don’t always do this one any longer.)
I also have a list of my favorite OS X tweaks here.

Author: jjmarcus

Apple Specialist, Mac Whisperer, Cloud Wrangler - Your Remote CTO

4 thoughts on “Things I download on everyone’s Mac”

  1. Thanks, Antonio. I’m glad Flip4Mac is making such a nice range of video-manipulation software, but have you tried Handbrake? It’s all free and stuff, and is great for getting DVDs onto your Mac, iPhone/iPod, or Apple TV.

  2. Hey Jonathan…yeah, I’ve seen handbrake, but it doesn’t have all the cool interaction I’m getting with Drive In. You can get all the artwork attached to the catalog. It will also work with Front Row. I guess I’m a sucker for the bells an whistles, but it *does* seem pretty stable and put together with some good engineering.

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