Incoming mail has stopped coming in

Wondering why I am no longer receiving mail in Apple I have checked the settings, and every other thing I can think to do. I know the account is active because I can go to webmail and get the email.

So, in the left column, next to the word Inbox, is there a circle icon with a triangle or lightning bolt inside it? If so, click that, and take the account online. Then click Get Mail. Tell me if you get any errors.

I was also having a problem with continually having to put in my password on the other accounts.

It would be worth it to open Keychain Access and see if your keychain is unlocked. One should also periodically run "Keychain First Aid" from the application menu (the one next to the Apple menu that changes its name depending on what app you're in).

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2 thoughts on “Incoming mail has stopped coming in”

  1. Also, if Mail is a little sluggish, try the following:
    1 – Quit Mail
    2 – Launch Terminal (in a Utilities folder in your Applications folder)
    3 – enter this (copy and paste are your friends) sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum subjects;

    Once your cursor comes back, type exit and launch Mail.

    What does it do? It forces Mail to rebuild the database used to track email. You will save some drive space as it removes unnecessary records and rewrites everything in a logical order. And the new database will be a more efficient resource when Mail needs to use it. Less waste, more haste.

  2. Big anti-sluggishness tip: Go into your home folder (look around, in Finder, for the little house that probably has your name on it — know the home folder, love the home folder), so then into Home folder > Library > Caches, and delete the cache folder for whatever application is running slowly.

    (BTW, Mac users should come to learn that the home folder can be represented by a tilde “~”.)

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