Businesses benefit from simple, reliable technology. And they shine when their employees learn to use that technology better and faster. I empower your team to get greater results with less effort.

At home, use amazing cloud apps with all your Apple gear to get your family in sync. Keep everyone productive, protected, and entertained.

I provide something every Apple user needs: Total confidence in your technology.

I offer Apple-certified tech support in San Antonio, Texas, and beyond.

My monthly support plans for businesses and households cover Mac, Mac Servers, iPhones & iPads. We can monitor your tech, and fix problems before they affect your productivity or play time.

I also provide on-site IT by the hour. I’ll set your business up with a secure network and collaborative environment, using Google Apps, Mac OS X Server, and the cloud.

Jonathan makes you feel smart. As he gets to know you, he customizes your tech to help you do your work with ease.
— Jeff A., Writer and Staff Developer